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About Us

We build and ship high performance digital solutions, providing you with the blueprint your business needs for digital dominance.


Duks don't fake it. We deliver what we promise, on schedule and on budget - unlocking true brand value through a cohesive digital strategy.
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Our Philosophy

Not all digital solutions are created equal. We build unique solutions for specific business cases.

Our Approach

We spend time analysing your brand and building your strategy, then we execute at pace.

Mutual Success

We believe in symbiosis. Our success is your success and we act with this in mind at all times.

Measured Outcomes

Duk's don't do smoke and mirrors. We measure our outcomes to ensure we're providing real value.


With extensive cross-platform experience we close the gap between todays problems and tomorrows solutions.
[ Strategy ]
Digital Strategy Icon
Digital Strategy
Navigate the future of business with a bespoke digital strategy that goes beyond conventional paths. Our approach is a fusion of industry insight, market foresight, and strategic brilliance, unlocking unprecedented value and propelling your brand into a league of its own.
[ Product ]
Product Design Icon
Product Design
Transform your concepts into digital reality. Our product design team doesn't settle for ordinary; we create solutions that blend functionality seamlessly with user-centric design. It's not just about standing out; it's about making a lasting impact in the digital sphere.
[ Web ]
Redefine your online identity with highly cohesive web applications. We don't just build websites; we craft human experiences that captivate and convert. Our designs seamlessly merge aesthetics with practicality, ensuring your online presence is as professional as it is cutting-edge.
Web Design Icon
Web Design
[ AI/LLM ]
Explore the extraordinary with our AI/LLM solutions. We don't use generic LLM wrappers, we use your data set and overlay custom vector spaces to generate real time analysis of business data, improving your operational efficiency and customer experience.
AI/LLM Modelling Icon
AI/LLM Modelling